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Origin The image of the stick figure is an example of a Bronze Age rock art, also known as a Petroglyph, from Tanum, Sweden, depicting several people near a "sun chariot.

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Login Now! Don't have an account? Sign up Now! Close [X]. They're Groovin. Eight were used for the video, trained by Yes Animalsthe team that also trained the animals in the movie Babe.

Image: Tumblr, maxafax. You've probably seen this delighted little girl repping joyous feelings all over the Internet. But what brings that level of delight IRL? Image: Tumblr, fawndly. In honor of the 20th anniversary of the release of Gif "Truth or Dare, Robert Jeffrey released a video of himself voguing like mad man as a 9-year-old boy. The dancing is all Jeffrey, but the footage is from a New Hampshire casino that jade jamison pictures vacationers the chance to lip-sync their favorite songs in front of a blue screen.

Image: Tumblr, flying-aardvark-productions. It looks straight from Sesame Street for a reason — its show of origin satirized educational children's television shows.

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Wonder Showzen was a MTV2 sketch comedy series that used puppetry, stock footage and children being interviewed to riff on politics, religion, war, sex and culture.

At the very end of a skit called yes Surgeons Without Borders," a child exclaims, "That's racist! Image: Tumblr, fuechue. Then year-old Alasia Ballard made it through to the next round after landing in the bottom two. Those tears were tears of sheer, grateful joy. Image: Tumblr, trollerderby. His name is Dr. Jimes Tooper, and space does actually blow his mind. Image: Imgur, changedmyusernamebecausemeh. Jackson Hewitt Tax Services released a series of ads featuring people excited about getting their taxes done, including this one. The GIF speeds up Steve's slo-mo happy dance, which is equally glorious in the video.

To answer your question, yes, he gif that gif about his taxes. Adeline lange tube 4GIFs. As with most popular baby GIFs, this one comes from a viral videowhich features a baby named Emerson alternately terrified and amused by his mother blowing her nose.

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Yes Tumblr, moremaugham. While this GIF set looks like it came from a retro movie, it's actually ripped from a parody of '60s and '70s Italian action-adventure movies, Italian Spiderman. Australian filmmaking collective Alrugo Entertainment posted the video on YouTube in Image: Reaction GIFs.

For those who don't have the show in gif rotation, it is ripped from the fourth episode of Season 7. In " The Stinson Missile Crisis ," Robin cries under her desk while double fisting a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates because she still has feelings for her ex, Barney. Image: Tumblr, cowcat.


oh yes gif sexy wet pussy You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Oh Yeah Woo Yeah is an Ironic Meme depicting a low-resolution image of a stick figure dancing with the aforementioned text below it. The image has been used as a shitpost for animated videos and image macros. The image of the stick figure is an example of a Gif Age rock art, also known as a Petroglyph, from Tanum, Sweden, depicting several people near a "sun chariot. The image of the Petroglyph had appeared in other posts prior to the yes.
oh yes gif trans threesome Good luck trying to figure out where your favorite GIFs originated. Whoever created the original video usually isn't the same person who GIF-ed it. And people rarely include proper attribution, so they're gif to accurately source. Never fear — we've demystified a few of the classics. Now that you know where your favorite animated loops came from, you can save yourself the mental anguish, sleep well tonight yes impress your friends tomorrow. If you've ever wondered what actually made this kid so freaking happy, we have the answer: Torii Hunter. Though the Major League Baseball player currently plays for the Detroit Tigers, this television spot aired during his time as a right fielder for the Minnesota Twins.
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