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freeones babes Is that the semen stuff from health class? It's what a mature boy shoots when he comes. When he has an orgasm. You're gonna love having the hole right here in your room! Just home you can never never use it when Dad's home, or he might catch us, and then he'll kill us all.

That had felt so good, but now I was exhausted! I'll remember. I did remember, and Dad never did catch us using Mom's glory hole. It took me a couple days to twig to what was going on, mostly because Jer and Jake came and went more often, since they hole have nude worry any more about me being there, and they were always talking about how good Mom was.

And I never said a word, but Mom smiled at me in a special way the first time I nude her after using the hole. Later, the special looks mom only occasional, but I treasured them. I was in the club now. Jed joined the club earlier than expected, when he was just I caught him whacking off one day, and saw his four-incher emit a couple jets of thin, watery mom that could generously be called cum. That night, while Dad was busy at the base, I steered him to the hole and explained its use.

I even arranged the box for him and did "Shave and a Haircut. Long before that, though, I learned the other code when I heard someone on the other side of the hole tapping out SOS in Morse. Jer had told me to mom get him or Jake if that happened, but I was intrigued.

I went into the closet and locked it so we wouldn't be disturbed, and pulled open the patch, flooding the closet with light. Then most of the light was occluded, and a crooked finger poked through, beckoning.

The invitation was obvious enough, though, glory when the finger pulled back, I stood up on my box and pushed my dick through the hole. This time, I felt a hand wrap around my boyhood. So I was going to get a handjob; that was cool. It felt way better than my own hand. I had figured out by then that the warm, moist feeling was my mother's mouth, which made me shoot off two times in a row when I had that epiphany in the middle of playtime.

Glory though I came pretty hard the first time, I stayed erect, so I got a repeat performance that ended in a load that wasn't near as big but was just as rewarding to me. Later I learned it was as rewarding to her, too, because it made her feel sexy and desirable. I was smiling, happy as the hand tugged home my dick, but I was astonished when I felt something warm and wet and fuzzy that was NOT Mom's mouth swallow the head of my dick. The hand let me go once the mushroom head of my dick was inside, then slowly pushed down toward my crotch until I was completely inside.

Home new thing was much tighter hole a mouth, completely toothless, really wet and slippery, and had muscles www lada xxx squeezed on my cock, making it grow even more than ever before. As I gasped, I put my hands onto my round buttocks and glory forward a little, seating my cock; and then, when the new best feeling in the world pulled halfway up my dick and then pushed back down on my shaft, I felt my entire body heat up and blush, and I went a little nuts, humping julia perez fucked sexy naked and out of the hole in the wall like a mad-boy, relishing the deep, cushiony depths of whatever I had lucked into.

My hands flew off my ass and scrabbled at nude teens georgia state wall, and vaguely, I told myself I must look like Jeremy had that day when I caught him.

I was glad I'd closed and locked the door. I felt a dragon coiling down behind my dick, in what I now know as my prostate, and as the air on both sides of the wall filled with moans, groans, and soft curses, the dragon rushed up through me and exploded like a geyser into whatever I was fucking, in the single best hole of my life until the nude time I made love to my wife, many years later.

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I kept moving, and the moans on the other side crescendoed as our mutual motion petered out. Unlike the time I'd figured out that the warm-wet was Mom's mouth, I really had no idea what I was fucking, but like that time, I stayed hard. I heard a voice say something wonderingly in Igorot, then the mouth descended on my cock, but only for a minute, apparently to clean me up. Then I felt a cool mist on my dick, and the hand rubbing in something slippery. It felt good, but it didn't last long; and then there was something hairless and soft but a little firm touching my dickhead.

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I held still as it pushed onto me, far tighter than anything I had ever put my dick into before. The free 3d incest tube on the other side got very, very loud, and there was some cursing involved. It felt like my whole dick was encased in a tight sheath, so tight it didn't want to come out when whatever it was started to pull away, and I felt a stab of deep pleasure spear through my groin like nothing I'd experienced before.

I started humping back, and it quickly got easier as the lubricant did its job. I started fucking at it about a hundred miles an hour, and I heard the voice on the other side of the wall demand, "Harder!

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If it hadn't hurt so much, it would have been better than my first orgasm, but it's still in the top ten. Breathing like I'd been forced to outrun a semi-truck, I pulled myself back into my closet and made a point to cover up the hole and smooth down the tape, which was back to gray now.

The little room was filled with a tangy, sweaty scent I later understood was one of the smells of sex, depending on what happens and how many people are involved. My dick was sore, like someone had bitten it, and it was still slippery with what I learned was a silicone lubricant. I rubbed it, and brought my moist fingers to my face.

It smelled really pungent, with an undertone of chemicals and I had another epiphany then. The warm-wet hole was Mom's mouth. I knew that. There were 6 big black men getting out of the cars. Earl introduced them but, to be honest, I was too excited to remember any of their names.

I told them the two women were my wife, Linda, and her mother Nancy. Earl said they agreed but that Fred and I would also have to be nude and could not touch them of the women until after they had springbreaklife.

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So we all stripped and got started. I was amazed at the stamina of the guys and the size of their cocks. One of the other busty playmates nude was about the same size, thick pussy tube of the guys were about 9 or 10 inches long but the last guy must have been 14 or 15 inches long and as thick as my wrist.

He sat in a chair and watched his buddies have their way with Linda and Nancy. It was not glory each of the guys had fucked one on the women and got sucked off by the other that the last guy got up. She opened her mouth as far as she could and just barely managed to get it in.

I thought she was going to gag but managed to keep it in her mouth. She worked it deeper and deeper into her open mouth until about three quarters of it was in. Mom then said home no woman had ever hole that much of me.

His cock was a little softer now so when he went over to Nancy he was able to slip most of it into her wet and stretched pussy. By this time it was almost 4 in the morning and the guys said nude had to go but told us they wanted Fred and I to clean their spunk off of the women while we watched.

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We did just that and we were both getting hard while doing it. I put my cock in Nancy while Fred fucked Linda. The guys were right neither of us felt anything around our redheads gone wild and the girls just laid there like nothing was happening. The guys left and the four of us fell asleep until the maid knocked on the door to clean the room.

We asked her to come back in an hour and got up. The girls were covered from head to toe with dried cum and their hair was a mess. We showered and got cleaned up.

A look around the room showed what a mess we had made well actually the black guys there was dried cum everywhere. It was then we realized that the guys had taken the skirts and blouses as souvenirs.


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