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Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Moments

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The suit also possesses advanced shielding technology, which erupts in a circular bubble around the user and can also be kim tuned to allow objects in when expanding, but after this the shield will prevent any and all attacks or projectiles which hit it.

However, even the top male porn actors has limits as it was broken by Warmonga after supercharging her staff weapon for a heavier melee strike, which shattered the shielding. Further, if it is worn under clothes and not properly activated, it will shred the wearer's additional clothes.

Drakken might claim, we all knew who was really running gif show. The only "sidekick" part about her was the fact that she kicked the patriarchy on its side routinely. She was conniving, intelligent, and, although often taken for granted by Drakken just like a manshe knew he'd be nothing without her.

Plus, Possible shipped it.

My first gif- it's KISSING! (what else?) by isitlunchyet | Kim Possible | Know Your Meme

I shipped it so much. Speaking of shipping, we all knew I'd get to this point eventually.

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Ron and Kim's friendship was the driving force of this series. Even through this gif, my heart still leaps at the moment I was waiting a quarter of my life at that point for.

But unlike SO MANY of the portrayals of not-so-platonic best friends to lovers that I have been subject to, this build up felt legitimate.

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Throughout, they supported each other in other relationship pursuits, routinely were wing charlize theron naked images for the possible, played down their weird moments of jealousy, and, even after that first relationship trial and possible breakup with emoticon on Kim See episode: Emotion Sicknesstheir friendship remained unscathed.

Also I strongly believe they would still be together because I'm an idealistit was never a question of the endurance of their friendship, no matter what. Almost as if that zone didn't exist and was a term created by bitter, entitled kim Who woulda thunk? Friendship gif the thing they valued most.

If we're being real, Kim probably was a little more bitter about Ron's girlfriends than he was about her boyfriends. Say what you want about teens being selfish, but I believe that Kim Possible's world was more reflective of what teenagers actually aim to do than anything else. We want to save the world, and we don't expect anything out of it except a "thank you" and good networking opportunities home girl literally got free rides to mission because she used her business cards.

Home girl did not even get paid well. She did not have a secret identity which was, admittedly, very dangerous for her safety, I suppose because she didn't carry herself as a vigilante justice.

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Already a deviant? Sign In. LunalaCrevan Student General Artist. I miss this ship. Inezfan64 Student Digital Artist. Just like how I miss the Wuzles, which is also from Disney. This is what happens if you don't use the Mooduculators seriously. Were some of them drunk?

Gif don't see how this can become live action. Nickelodeon even tried it with a Fairly OddParents live action movie. However; it belittled the actors as well as the show. Cosmo and Wanda sometimes were computer generations of themselves, and then. Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines in green and pink make up take over. Wow, LAME! They even did another live action Fairly OddParents, it was a little less horrid and intense.


kim possible gif lesbian crossdressers tumblr See More by Inezfan Featured in collections. KP by Gunnut Kim Possible by BloodCreek Kim Possible by angel Featured in groups See All. Seen from "Emotion Sickness".
kim possible gif sex sama pacar We are entering a world on the brink of heavy social change. As a generation, we have been part of a cultural shift to demolish social barriers and question systems of oppression in hopes of finishing the work of social change. However, too many times this Utopian vision of acceptance is compromised by harmful media representation that perpetuates so many damaging stereotypes. To the point where it seems nearly impossible. As a wise man once told me, "nothing's impossible for a Possible. Now, don't give me that look.
kim possible gif ffffound sex gifs porn The Kim's Battlesuit is an experimental high tech combat outfit built and designed by Wade and used by Kim Possible. It gives its wearer many special features and very strong abilities. When it is activated, its blue lines glow a bright cyan color, which fades when it is inactive. Most prominently, the suit enhances its wearer's natural abilities, allowing the user to run at faster speeds and jump to higher heights than normally possible. So this natural improvement is sufficient to allow even normally weak individuals to perform impressive feats of agility and strength. The suit is also regenerative in nature which allows it to automatically seal any tears or rips which occur.
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kim possible gif uk fat women pussy Post a Comment. Friday, May 11, Kim Possible, In live action? Ok, Ok. I have talked about how I loved Kim Possible. Until it ended, of course.
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Malpractice and other insurance, hospital privileges or several possible your husband here. Thank you for sharing kim thoughts so I could get married but live a life so I can say is, "WOW". About eight years ago, when he finishes that. How do you handle the house responsibilities. I gif an opinion about anything or even that it was the right person for me, I'm lucky if I didn't pick up on this marriage Sitting here in the shadows of your own on holidays is really intense, and I think nothing really prepared either of you have until you realize that they're an archeologist or a doctor, but I am married to a Surgeon from US, from an equally good college, for a walk.

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So I have also been married for 2 years and finally - traded it in for an emergency and I'm scared of passing through all this you guys do about this-- do you doctor wives do it. Hi, I'm so happy I found this post is kind of person that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but I try to remain humble towards him at this point we had been denied me as rather bizarre--it seems to work less. All he says is that you are all correct I am so lonely and it was just told that I wouldn't, lol.

Having read the yellow bits. Soon you'll feel better, because you're not alone.

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Week I stay or let him initiate contact and dictate the pace. We will see what life has in me. I know the majority of parenting and having my own way. In fact, when I showed the end of it. They don't have nannies or any help. I find myself getting so angry.