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Actually, according to Giphy CEO and co-founder Alex Chung, a gif is worth 60, words; the same as your average novel. This is without a doubt true when it comes to Facebook. Ready to join the fun of Facebook gifs? Here are your quick and easy instructions on how to share a gif on Facebook. Why do I love gifs so much? Whether you are using the platform for Facebook marketing or to connect with friends and family, gifs are great.

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Still wondering gina carano naked a gif is, and what it means in terms of Facebook? Some write gif in lowercase, others type the word as loud and proud capital GIF; this is also up for debate. Despite these uncertainties, there is one thing you can be princesanarcos of: What a gif is. Ignore those big fancy words and focus on this definition: A gif is a type of image file like a.

A gif can be a static image or animated, and that is what makes them so wonderful. Who needs a still image when you can have an animated gif?

The use of gifs on Facebook has evolved over the years. Something wrong with the site? Review out of date?

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imagepost hot homemade gifs sexy teen fucking dad Facebook is now allowing users to upload GIFs — just like they would an image or video on the platform — without having to rely on an external GIF-hosting service. Facebook has always been hesitant to bring GIFs to its platform, fearing that they would lead to a bad user experience for people. So, up until now, the ability to post GIFs on Facebook has been limited, and has taken many shapes over the years. Then, Facebook extended that feature to Pages as well. Now, users can post GIFs just like they would do with any image or video. The new feature was introduced silently, and so only a few users kelly rowlands ass realised that it is actually possible. Also, it seems to be available only on desktop for now, not mobile.
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imagepost hot homemade gifs most beautiful ass sex We collected every email and every tweet from the Democratic primary. Here's what we found If a picture says a 1, words, a gif says 10, Actually, according to Giphy CEO and co-founder Alex Chung, a gif is worth 60, words; the same as your average novel. This is without a doubt true when it comes to Facebook. Ready to join the fun of Facebook gifs?
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