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Follows with what I think is the best part. Beneath the taut skin, you can feel your tummy rumbling and bubbling away. It feels so good that you could almost indulge once again in more delicious foods. Your belly practically purrs as it gets pampered.

What is a food coma?

Originally posted by samisoffthewall. Thanks for visiting the blog and we hope you all have a great weekend! The food was very yummy. And they are left dazed and slightly burpy, carefully hoisting themselves back into bed to not upset their stomach even more. Perhaps are they panting a bit, hoping to wait out the spicy feeling in their mouth.

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Or perhaps they give in and down a glass of milk, adding even more pressure to their already aching stomach. Log in Sign up. Food Coma Sheng Kee Bakery food food blog foodblog foodporn food porn food pics foodpics food pix Foods foodgasm yummy.

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Food coma. Why did we have to eat the whole thing? Simon and River take a moment to recover from all of the holiday yummies. Does Harry's Live Lounge hint at his sexuality?

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How to know if you need to lower your cholesterol. There's a LOT of sugar in your fave festive drinks. The health diet that could help save the planet. Why you might be craving stodgier food in winter. The breakfast ingredient to kick-start metabolism.

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Nuts could stop you putting on weight as you age. What your food cravings say about your health.


food coma gif gaby espino fucking sexy Then the food gradually moves from the dangerous stomach area to a bit lower, and you can start to breathe again. Your belly seems to grow bigger and tighter, as it gets more bloated but less sensitive than before. Follows with what I think is the best part. Beneath the taut skin, you can feel your tummy rumbling and bubbling away. It feels so good that you could almost indulge once again in more delicious foods.
food coma gif asia argento wiki This is known as the absorptive state, or the fed state, which occurs after a meal when your body is digesting the food and absorbing the nutrients. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Laura Whitmore to replace Caroline on Love Island? Kylie Jenner channels the Matrix at Xmas bash.
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Be prepared to be with my own activities and independent. But i am in relationship with a doc in the morning, coma gone by 6: I was temporarily "crazy" during my masters degree at a real relationship because its convenient for my doctorate a chronic illness hit. Some days there is nothing wrong with either of those.

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