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At least korra is mature. You should be more disturbed with katara and others porn. Humanity is so f up.

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Why don't you just watch a few episodes and see if you like it? I like spaghetti. Because I find it delicious.

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Waveshaper Zobacz profil Zobacz posty. Avatar: The Last Airbender is a great show you can watch with your kids, and you guys both will enjoy it.

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It has a lot very well built in hidden messages about friendship, loyality, giving people a second chance, forgiveness and a vareity of healthy things for your kids they don't even realize they are learning through the show, and all of them are presented in such a good way that adults aswell can enjoy the whole show and love the characters through a fantastic journey.

Also if you are into martial arts and even slightly open to spiritual things the show has a lot more value on top of everything else listed before, but don't worry it's not even close to anything like spreading faith propaganda. The fighting choreographies are rule and not even remotely violent like most of the trash animes in TV this isn't the place to attack me about me not damn hot teen animes Legend of Korra is not a spinoff, it's a sequel korra Aang's journey.

Korra is avatar next generation of the Avatar cycle, and she is 17 tho gets older in each season, she is 18 in book two and 21 in book three.

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Book four, the last, started a few weeks ago and it's not aired but web only. Also there are flashbacks in season one about things Aang and their friends accomplished, how they changed the world, what did they became in their later years, and in the new show their children are already around years old, all filling important roles in the new story.

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Each season has it's own villain, but the show is more for older teens, but most likely adults. Asami Sato ? Anaxus ? Mako ?

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Bolin ? Jinora ? Owler ? Ikki 90? Amon 86? Report an ad? Name Password Create Account. Prev Index Next. Friends of Paheal List New to Paheal? Anonymous : Bro Bleedingheart83 : Ooh, yeah Anonymous : Can you post miraculous nsfw she posted more pls I Bleedingheart83 : Damn!

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Atlocious : So, we get no Ruthari for ages and then out of absolutely TinyToonFan9 : Gotta love dark mangaka works! Anonymous : This is the best one of the bunch! Full artist list.


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